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Mayaa Cat trio fish is one of the brand that meets the AAFCO standards- sardine fish, tuna paste, fish soluble, salmon oil.


Sardine fish: highly digestible fish protein with low phosphorus and high organic iron content. Rich source of dietary essential amino acids and low in biogenic amines.

Tuna paste & herring paste: high protein, contains omega-3 essential fatty acids EPA and DHA. Contribute skin and coat health, improve inflammatory conditions like allergies, heart disease, and kidney disease. For IQ, growth, and for heart functions.

Fish soluble: rich in soluble protein, vitamins, and minerals. Promotes high palatability.

Salmon oil and sardine fish oil: rice in Omega-3 and Omega-6.
1) Has anti-inflammatory properties
2) Improves cholesterol levels
3) Improves blood flow
4) Promote brain health
5) Healthy skin and eyes

Yucca schidigera & other saponin containing plants: control and reduces ammonia containing compound. Reduces stool odour.

Prebiotics: stimulate the growth of healthy bacteria.

DL-methionine: stimulate the growth of healthy hair and nails, prevents the formation of kidney stone.

Taurine: Promote heart and eyes function.

Glycine: helps regulate blood glucose level.

Monocalcium phosphate: Strengthens the bone and teeth.

Choline chloride: promote liver function.

Potassium chloride: increases the potassium concentration in the blood.